Account deaktiviert

Please I need help and I don’t can to get any help or clear answer from Amazon, had anyone the same problem and can give me some advice or help?

I have my store in Germany and I had listed product for the Saudi Arabia market then my account is deaktiviert because of this problem

Hello llc,

Why did this happen?
We have taken this measure because you have listed items that violate our “Adult products policies & guidelines.” Items sold on must adhere to all Amazon policies. To learn more about this policy, go to “Adult products policies & guidelines”:

but this product is already listed here in EU and not violating any policy of Amazon, I have try all possible option to reactive my account but I didn’t get that! Can anyone please help?

Thank you

Hello Hammad,

thank you for joining our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to what appears to be listing a prohibited item.

It sounds like you listed something what was prohibited in Saudi Arabia, even though it was available as unrestricted in Europe. Please note that there are different laws and restrictions in each country and you should verify whether you can sell any product in the market prior to listing it.

By the way of example, many beauty / topical products which require a prescription in Europe are freely sold in Gulf countries, such as tretinoin.

In order to receive better advice, please post the original warning which you received about the product, it would help if you posted a screenshot of the Account Health Dashboard and all options to appeal the violation.

Also, have you received any prior warnings about this product? What is the product, do you have a link to the product page or a photo?

You can also post here your latest Plan of Action and Amazon’s response.

Hallo Kika, thank you for responding

yes I have listed something that is restricted in Saudi market but I don’t know that cause I thought is allowed to sell that product just like here in EU market, here is the massage from Amazon


So, I think this is a very clear case. You listed sex toys in Saudi Arabia, this should be self-explanatory.

In Islamic countries, any obscene or sexual content in public is prohibited. Sex toys are illegal.

From the notice it sounds like your entire Amazon store constitutes sex toys and they are saying you had multiple such listings:

“This product has been identified as a sexual wellness product or a product containing profane language which is prohibited from listing and sale on Amazon. For further details, please contact Selling Partner Support and refer to the “Category and Product Restrictions” section on the seller central help page. Please note, repeat offenders of this restriction will be suspended from listing on”

This will require a very strong Plan of Action, however since you were repeatedly issued warnings and continued selling the products, I don’t see there too much of a chance, unless you prepare a good Plan of Action.

@Kika What do mean with plan? Plan for what and what type of plan ,? I’m new by Amazon and I don’t have very much knowledge. I don’t have repeated the listing of that product and I don’t have received any other warning about that. Thank you

From the communication posted above, it appears that you received multiple warnings.

Now, you will need to prepare a Plan of Action. A Plan of Action is supposed to tell Amazon, how you will prevent this from happening again.

Here is an example Plan of Action addressing the same of prohibited products. You need to prepare a similar one.

At the same time, you need to remove all of your sex toys from your Seller Account:

It’s all for same product, it was the only product I listed in Saudi market and then automatically from Amazon deleted, thank you very much for the info

@Kika the other problem I don’t how much will take until the old appeals done, I have already submitted a appeal on 26.01 and until now there is no response and I dont can to give my new plan

Please don’t submit anything again. It appears like you made multiple unsuccessful appeal attempts without being properly advised.

Do you have a copy of the most recent Plan of Action / appeal communication which you sent them in January?

@Kika Hello kika, actually I haven’t sent plan, I had just try to explain what was the problem with that product

Oh, okay. So, in this case you will need a full Plan of Action. Have you seen the example which I posted above?

I can help you with editing your Plan of Action, however you need to take some effort to firstly prepare one yourself.