Account deactivation for listing drug paraphernalia


so my account got deactivated recently because of a listing i was on was considered “drug paraphernalia” but we believe it’s not and amazon is asking for documentation.
I tried and appeal but no luck.
What do i do now? Anyone can help?

Thank you

To resolve the issue, gather any documentation that proves your product is not drug paraphernalia. This could include detailed product descriptions, manufacturer information, and any relevant certificates.

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Have you deleted all listings that were marked as prohibited? What kind of products were you selling?

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To resolve this issue with Amazon, you should provide the requested documentation to prove that your listing is not related to drug paraphernalia. Ensure the documentation is clear and comprehensive. You might also consider reaching out to Amazon Seller Support for further assistance or clarification on their requirements. Additionally, if you have legal documentation supporting your claim, you should include that as well. Persistence and clear communication can help in situations like this

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Thank you. Do you have example Plan of Action?

Never use the example plan of actions, case to case situation veries. That’s y most of the appeal rejected as ppl try to do it with the format’s…

Yes ols