Account deactivated just after created 1st listing

I successfully created an Amazon account and after created listing Amazon send notification for video verification and asked for ID documents, Bank statement & invoices. I participated in video verification and submitted documents, after that account deactivated. I received notification that “your account is engaged in deceptive or illegal activity” even I have not yet sold anything.
What stance I should opt in appeal letter and the document to submit? Can anyone share a detailed answer and appeal letter.

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Hello Malik,

thank you for posting into our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to suspicion of alleged illegal activity.

Since you are saying that the account was deactivated following video verification, then I am confident that something that happened during the meeting was the reason behind the suspension.

Were they asking you what are you intending to sell once your account gets approved and where are you going to source the merchandise?

From what I have seen in the past, some sellers mentioned dropshipping or that they don’t have any inventory on hand, which then resulted in this suspension.

Also, could you please clarify what legal entity did you use when registering?

Such as individual / business, country of registration and where are you currently located?

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Thank you so much, Kika for your reply.
A US LLC base account has been created, and the account’s primary owner is a Pakistani citizen and the account is operated from Pakistan.
In response to the question about where you will purchase inventory, I replied that I will purchase inventory from authentic US distributors and suppliers.

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Okay, so now it’s clearly a case of geographical mismatch.

Amazon doesn’t like seeing foreign based nationals getting a virtual company in the US to trade on their platform. This sounds untrustworthy.

They also don’t like hearing that you don’t physically have any inventory available at your location.

You are basically telling Amazon that you don’t have any established trading and you are coming to the platform with a phony virtual business having nothing to sell yet.

In order to overturn this decision and pass the Seller Identity Verification, you will need to setup a local business in Pakistan and also purchase some inventory locally from suppliers who will provide you with invoices meeting Amazon’s requirements.

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As per my knowledge, anyone can create a company(LLC) in the US and he/she must be a resident of the countries accepted for seller registration for Amazon. Here is the link and Pakistan is also included in this list.

The point is what stance I should opt in my appeal letter and if u have an appeal please share. It will be a great help to get an idea.
I am going to purchase inventory from an authentic supplier and will share images of inventory, and invoices with business, and identity document documents. Will it work? Anything else needs to submit? And if u share an appeal letter, I will be thankful to you.

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The email they sent you, yiu should check it carefully, this is usually related to the product you listed. Try to sell in categories that has no restrictions.


Thank u for your time, but they asked u have engaged in illegal activity, even though nothing sold out.

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they are not talking about selling yet, when you choose to sell something there are categories that require some specific requirements, such as:

  • Art – Fine Art.
  • Art – Home Decor.
  • Automotive and Powersports.
  • Composite Wood Products.
  • Cosmetics & Skin/Hair Care.
    to sell on these categories you need to be approved first even if you already have an account.
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they should disable the listings if it belongs to pre-approval categories. Now what stance I should opt in the appeal letter?

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basically that’s the first thing you should do. you may also contact the support in the seller central and ask them, if there are further steps to take.
I know people that managed to recover their account after they sent an appeal letter, but they had different cases with minor issues. anyways contact them, & see what comes after.
good luck.

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You are correct that anyone can setup a virtual LLC in the US and this is why Amazon isn’t accepting such Seller Accounts for registration.

Virtual LLCs by foreign nationals have no history and no credibility.

If you really want to operate an Amazon Seller Account as a LLC, then your need to firstly register the Seller Account under Individual Entity. Once you pass the Seller Identity Verification as Individual, then you can update your details into an US LLC.

Here you can learn more: Amazon Seller Identity Verification 2023 - How NOT to get your account suspended! by Kika Angelic - YouTube

Since your Seller Account is already deactivated, the best way how to get it fixed would be by opening a local company in Pakistan and then updating your Seller Account details.

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I’m sorry to hear about your situation. Here are some steps you can take to draft an effective Amazon suspension appeal letter:

  1. Come up with a sound introduction: Begin your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter with a short introduction about yourself and your business. Don’t forget to include your seller account name. Afterward, write a paragraph about what happened and the things you’ve learned from your suspension period.

  2. Enumerate the issues that caused your suspension: Follow up your introduction by enumerating the main reasons why you were suspended. This is typically included in your Amazon account suspension notice but never assume that seller performance already knows about it. By stating so, it gives them the impression that you are aware of the problem.

  3. Describe the actions you have made since being suspended: Specify the actions you have taken post-Amazon account suspension to resolve the main issues you have outlined. Create a detailed step-by-step narrative of what you and your team have done to make Seller Performance see that you’ve understood the issue and are trying to prevent reoccurrences ¹.

  4. Describe the actions you will take when reinstated: Present what your following actions will be once you become unsuspended. Explain which remedies or regulations will be enforced so your account can avoid future problems and ensure that you are up to Amazon’s and your customer’s standards.


Can I sell in USA or in any country by opening a company in Pakistan? on the basis of that company can I use previous details for seller account? or I have to sold the account to my pakistani company? What about taxation?
And please find a way regarding my account which is deactivated? How can I reactivate it? Any appeal, please. what documents to be submitted?
thank u so much!


Yes, you should always register using a local company from your country as this is the safest method how to avoid getting suspended during verification.

Once you setup a company in Pakistan, then update the Account Info section and request a nee verification.