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My seller account has been deactivated. I’ve been selling on the UK market place for over a year with no problems, I wanted to expand my reach to the US marketplace and registered through my seller central account (UK). I was not prompted to undergo any verification but the account was activated. A few days later they deactivated the US account asking to submit a utility bill which I did but that did not get accepted (see attached image of response). Now my UK account has also been deactivated with all my inventory stranded and money held.

Can anyone please help me to get my account reactivated?

Hello @Sanders,

thank you for joining the forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account in the UK has been deactivated due to attempted opening of a new account on the US site.

Unfortunately, Amazon is now extremely strict when approving new account registrations and the worst thing is that once a new account which you attempt to open gets rejected, then any related well-established main accounts are shut down as well.

Could you please clarify what is your country of citizenship, where are you a resident and where is your business registered / or what business entity did you use to register?

Usually, when an account gets rejected like this, it’s because of a thing called “geographical mismatch”. This happens when there is a suspicious mixture of countries involved.

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Hi @Kika ,

Thank you for your quick response.

I live in the UK and I registered as a sole trader.

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So, when you registered the US account, did you also sign up as a UK sole trader, using your personal name and address?

Have you listed any stock already or shipped anything into FBA after registering in the US?

Yes I did, I entered my UK tax information. In the picture attached next to United States it said “Pending Registration” and that’s how I registered for the account.

3 ASINS were automatically in my inventory through the Build International Listing option. I tried to list a product but that was removed because i needed 510K document. I deleted the product and listing.

I haven’t shipped anything into FBA after registering.

Okay, understood. So this appears to be entirely unjustified suspension. Have you tried requesting a callback from Account Health Team and asking what you need to do to get this lifted?

You should explain them everything about your selling history on Amazon and how the account got deactivated without reason.

I’ve tried speaking to different Account Health Specialist but they keep saying that they’re unable to say what exactly the violation is because it’s confidential. I’ve tried explaining in my appeals how the account got deactivated without reason but it keeps getting rejected.

In the email messages they first said my account was linked and then they said the account has been used to engage in deceptive fraudulent or illegal activity (I attached the image in my initial message to you)

So right now i don’t what to do next to get my account reistated

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In this case, I would recommend you to appoint a solicitor to send a legal letter to Amazon setting out your case, where you will explain what happened and request a reinstatement.

Include copies of your identity documents. This should help.