Account deactivated due to INFORM Act

Hey Everyone,

I recently got an email from Amazon regarding the inform Act tax verification.

I’ll tell you about my current scenario.

Amazon has mixed my tax questionnaire Business address (USA) with my Place of established address (India)

Now to fix the issue they are asking for me to submit a W9 or W8-BEN form, now here I’m confused of using which one.

I’m not a US resident but my company is formed in USA (single member LLC). When I first started the business I used the Indian address in 2017,

But during the inform act business address verification (postcard) I used the USA address of my business (LLC) which I formed in 2020.

Now due to the mix up of addresses, Amazon has given me a notification of deactivation for not completing inform act. And they are asking for W9 or W8 forms to complete the verification.

Any international seller (Non US Resident) please help me how did you manage to pass the verification on which address (Home address or LLC address)?

Hello @mohammed12,

W-8/W-9 tax forms

A W-9 tax form is for US residents or citizens and is used to confirm your tax ID number (TIN). A W-8 tax form is for non-US residents and is used to confirm that you are not a US taxpayer. These forms help us to file your 1099 tax forms.

The Tax Information Interview Guide is written specifically to assist Amazon sellers complete this complex process.


Might be better off starting a new company and new account. Or, you might be better off to hire an attorney in the USA to sort this out. Your problem seems confusing so, it naturally throws red flags regarding compliance with the USA law.