Account deactivated due to change in personal address

Amazon deactivated my account due to the address verification. It’s a UK market account LTD base.
Amazon asked me to submit an invoice or a bill for address verification. I submitted the bill with my business name and business address but they said they need personal verification. I have moved to Australia in march 2023 and requested Amazon to change my residential address. I have a bank account here and have an invoice and a valid address as well. I tried to edit my residential address but it was locked. I called Amazon support and requested to change my residential address they asked me to submit an invoice or bill. I sent them with Australian address but they deactivated my account as the address is not verified and contain wrong address that differ from the address you provided while registering the account. And I sent the mail to Jeff as well. I have attached all the Amazon responses as well. So what can be done now to activate that. I can appeal now only as they have locked documents submission option now in identity section.
Right Now I have an Australian residential address (Bank invoice as well, proof of age card with address, mobile bill invoice) and UK based business address with bills and invoices as well.

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Wow, this looks bad! You received the final denial message directly from Jeff’s team! :astonished:

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Hello @Abdullah,

thank you for posting into our forum. I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been deactivated due to verification issues.

I have reviewed all of your communications above and what you received is a standard verification process.

I noticed that they rejected your documents with this:

“The utility bill you provided was addressed to a business.”

You just need to provide them let’s say a bank account or debit card statement addressed to yourself and not to a business.


Hi Kika,
I completely understand it’s an address verification issue. On 14th May, Amazon said they are unable to verify the address and closed the account. But I moved to Australia on 13th March 2023 due to which my address got changed. So what do you suggest should I appeal to amazon with my old address documents or new address documents? If you have a template for appeal please share that as well.

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But was the bill addressed to yourself (as your name states in the Seller Central) or was it addressed to a business?

Could you post here a screenshot of the document which you uploaded for verification of your address and was rejected?

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The first bill I uploaded was addressed to a business, after that I uploaded the bank invoice on my name. Here i have attached the documents


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Well, the bank statement and the energy bill each show a different address.

Also, I would recommend you to print the document and then take a photo of it instead of submitting an online one.

Right now, you should get a bill which shows the exact personal name and address entered in the Seller Central, then take a photo of it and upload it like this.


The names on the document do not match, so Amazon will clearly reject your verification.

As @Kika says, you should get the correct documents.

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