Account deactivated after upgrade to professional plan


Need some advice regarding account reactivation.

Initially I had opted for individual selling plan on Amazon and then later I shifted to the professional plan.

As soon as I shifted to the professional plan, my account got deactivated and I was asked to submit a proof of address. I did that, but the appeal got rejected on the ground that the address on the proof document and that in the Amazon seller account do not match. I checked and corrected the address in the seller account and again appealed for reactivation by submitting the address proof. Yet, again it got rejected on the same ground. But this time both the addresses are same. This cycle has been repeating 5-6 times.

Any idea what I should do to reactivate the account?


Make sure EVERYTHING on your docs and what has been previously submitted is exactly the same.

Amazon’s AI is not smart enough to understand that .inc is an abbreviation for Incorporated. So, make sure all punctuation and all the content is letter by letter exactly the same.

If that does not work you must be omitting relevant facts that amazon is asking for, I was under the impression they need several docs to verify your identity. If you don’t have what is needed you are out of luck.


Hi @skeeter,

I need to get my ID verified on Amazon for account reactivation.

The issue is that the link that has been sent by the seller support team is not working. Emailing them that it is not working is also not helping.

Is there a correct link or pathway which I can follow to get the ID verification done? It will be really helpful if someone can share the proper link.


I don’t know, and would assume from a security standpoint you would have to follow the exact link they provided so you can be authenticated.

Your software might be blocking it.

Open a web browser and copy and paste the link into it and see what happens. They could also be zone blocking you if you are outside the USA or the location they are emailing you from.

If you are on a VPN shut it down and go direct.


Watch my video to learn more about successfully passing the Seller Identity Verification:

Here you will also find a direct verification link :wink:

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