Account closed over missing VAT number

Can anyone help? I sell in Europe and Amazon deactivated my accounts on 23rd May as I don’t have a VAT number in Europe, they said they have asked me questions from the VAT team but I have not seen any, all I get is this standard reply. What can I do? I want to close the account. I have a company based in Holland and cannot get a VAT number as I am not living there.




Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support Leadership Escalation Team,

We regret for the inconvenience caused. We would like to inform you that we have escalated this concern to the relevant department and they are working on this. We kindly request you to bear with us as we take time to resolve the issue in the most correct and appropriate way. We will get back to you the moment we get the update from our concerned department. We sincerely thank you for your patience and understanding. Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Not living there will not stop you from getting a VAT number. You just need to research the registration details for each country or get Amazon to do it for you, they always seem to have a promotion for registration and filing.

In Europe, you need to have a VAT number for each and every country where you store your products.

If you are storing goods in any country in Europe and you do not have a VAT number for that country, there is no point waiting for an answer from Amazon, hoping that hey will magically say “no, it’s ok, we will let you trade without a VAT number”. You need it and that’s it. The only exception is you don’t need registration in the country you actually live in, up to a maximum sales limit which differs in each country.


As @AmazonUKForumRefugee says, you can get a vat number wherever you want, but you need one in every jurisdiction that you store or sell goods.

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This is not necessarily correct.

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In some countries like France, they will require you to have a fiscal representative and a vat number to sell in the country. If you stock your products in a country, you need vat number in that country.