Account closed for unusual activity

We have been selling on Amazon for 8 years, the accounts are up.
we purchase all of our inventory from, and we had some issues in the past with buying accounts but this time Amazon closed 7 of our amazon accounts (1 business account, 5 consumer account used for business, and 1 personal account for personal use)
Amazon gave us no reason why they have closed with no form of contact.

1 of the buying accounts was used for a seller account as well (the buyer account was no longer in use so we didn’t think about it being closed one day) so we can’t access to the seller account with that login, only with a secondary login with limited access.

We have no idea why they closed the account besides “unusual activity” detected. We do have more accounts open; in fact, they closed another business account related but with better communication, and the account was reinstated eventually; for these 7 accounts, we don’t know who to contact and how to reinstate these accounts.

Any help, advice, or tip will be much appreciated.

Hello @sparkles,

I am sorry to hear that your Seller Account has been closed.

It seems like you are operating numerous Amazon accounts and using them to dropship. Unfortunately, in this case I don’t think there is anything you can do, since you already have a history of linked / closed / suspended accounts.