Please help me before I write in support of Amazon. There was at the beginning of a list of things to go through verification in red font.

I passed and now there is no list, but the inscription “your account is at risk of deactivation” remains

and a green tick stands only for identity.

All of this for about a week now.

Just checked I wrote that the sales are limited and I need to confirm the phone Passed. But also the risk of deactivation!!! What to do, wait or write in support. Advise

This is a different form of verification. The INFORM Consumers Act was introduced by the 117th Congress. This bill requires online marketplaces to collect, verify, and disclose certain information from high-volume, third-party sellers.

It’s not just you, it’s just about all of us.

Just make sure your Phone Number, Bank Account, Business Address, and Tax ID Number are entered and correct. I have a message thanking me for completing the identity verification steps, but the Your account is at risk of deactivation message is still there.

If you open a case with Seller Support, make sure to keep us updated.

P.S. They consider high-volume sellers those that have 200 transactions and/or $5,000 in sales over a 12-month period.


Thank you! It’s shocking they would consider someone with $5000 in yearly sales to be a big seller. It seems like the government wants to collect information about us.

I just went through the verification but the At Risk message is still there. Let’s hope they will fix it


Check this out, here you can learn more:

I am making a HUGE assumption. They have bots that can validate your Business license number / DL and then account is put on suspension pause.

If any of those numbers come up invalid/ suspended…etc. then it will reject and either ask you to update or just shut you down until such a time it can be verified.

This would be the proper way.

Yes. I agree with you completely, which is why I added the P.S.

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