Account at risk of deactivation with 1.8% defect


our account is at risk of deactivation, and just lost Buy Box/Featured Offer eligibility due to an increase in Order Defect Rate (driven mostly by recent A-to-Z claims). We are currently 1.8% vs target of under 1% (42 claims across ~2300 orders over the last 60 days). We are sellers of MANY years, and have ALWAYS had very few (read: basically zero) claims.

Here’s the issue:

Product was stolen off our porch for one day (at least) and as a result turned into MANY claims. I’ve reached out multiple times to Amazon Seller Support as well as Selling Partner Support and I get the same answer - sell more stuff and wait and it’ll blend out over time. Losing the Buy Box is KILLING our sales making it impossible to blend out. I’ve asked for exceptions based on extenuating circumstances out of our control and FINALLY was told that I can put a plan of action together, submit under my working case (one of many), and the issue will be raised to Selling Parnter Support supervisors for review. Honestly I’ve got little faith in this however.

ANYONE have any advice here on how to get this fixed? I cannot afford to wait 60 days for these claims to fall off as this is our family income.

Thanks in advance all.

Find a product that you can afford to lose money on. A pack of gum, lip balm, balloons, etc. make sure it’s very light and cheap. Sell as many as you possibly can. Basically, sell for .99¢ to get your metrics up.

Best of luck to you.


Have you filed a police report or had contact with your local Post Master? I think those things could lend credibility (in Amazon’s eyes) that this is an extenuating circumstance. The next thing I’d do is detail that you will personally hand your items to a postal cat and confirm first scan. I assume you were contacted by customers and refused to refund. We only do that after confirming delivery since we know the A-Z has a fair chance of being rejected (unless I misread).

So sorry this has happened to you.

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Sell a lot more stuff and don’t have any order defects ASAP. That will help fix your numbers.