Accelerate wraps up with sustainability initiatives and purpose-driven businesses

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

Amazon Accelerate wraps up with initiatives to help you minimize packaging waste by shipping your products with less packaging, help your customers discover your more-sustainable products with certifications, and measure your sustainability efforts. We also honored three small businesses for their work in their local communities.

Here are some highlights from the Day 2 afternoon session:

Ships in Product Packaging announced

Launching in 2024 to all sellers using FBA, this program involves working with us to redesign your packaging so that your products can ship in their own branded product packaging, without any added Amazon packaging. The program can reduce expenses with lower FBA fees, cost-effective packaging, and reduced transportation costs due to more compact products. We’ll share more information on Ships in Product Packaging in the coming months.

New Climate Pledge Friendly certifications

We’ve added three new certifications to qualify for a Climate Pledge Friendly badge:

  1. SCS Recycled Content Standard, a third-party certification recognizing electronics with high utilization of recycled content;
  2. International Sustainability & Carbon Certification Plus, a third-party certification that recognizes bio-based materials and proof that a product can be renewed or regenerated rather than disposed of;
  3. Plant-Based Fiber Blended, an Amazon developed certification recognizing more-sustainable plant-based materials in textiles.

For more information on our Climate Pledge Friendly program, including a list of all certifications, go to Enroll products in our Climate Pledge Friendly program.

Sustainability Solutions Hub coming soon

In our new one-stop-shop for sustainability you’ll find out how to enroll in our Climate Pledge Friendly, Amazon Renewed, and Ships in Product Packaging programs. In the sustainability dashboards, you’ll be able to view performance metrics for products enrolled in Climate Pledge Friendly and Ships in Product Packaging, and find suggestions on products to enroll next, with the expected business impacts. Use the Certification Recommendation tool to identify relevant Climate Pledge Friendly certifications, and go to the new sustainability category in the Service Provider Network for service providers who can help you enroll in our product and packaging sustainability programs. The Hub will be available by the end of October.

For more information on these sustainability initiatives, read the announcement.

Amazon honors purpose-driven businesses

Gifts Fulfilled, Hustle Clean and Nyssa are three inspiring small businesses who employ individuals in underserved communities, provide self-care and hygiene to those in need, and improve women’s health and health education. During Accelerate, we surprised each of them with a $50,000 grant to help them drive even more positive change.

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