About how many units did you sell before you got your first star rating?

I’m still waiting for my first

I received my first feedback just over two weeks after I shipped my first order. Of course, this was back in the day with Amazon always sent encouragement for such things with links to make it easy for buyers to leave such feedback. Because of the changes Amazon’s made in leaving feedback, I haven’t had any new feedback in several years. A lot has changed with Amazon since I started selling in 2003.


In all that time, I think I received a total of 4 feedbacks. On several occasions we went way above and beyond. Not even a thank you.

As I always say; “no feedback is better than bad feedback,” so I can’t complain.


Shockingly, despite selling thousands of items per month, I only ever receive 1 feedback in a few months and it’s usually negative.

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I remember when I first started selling on Amazon, it took a little while before I received my first star rating too. It can vary for each seller, but don’t worry, it’ll come! Just keep providing great products and excellent customer service, and those star ratings will start rolling in.

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