A friend is offering to sell me his Amazon account

What would an amazon store with 8200 reviews at NEAR PERFECT customer satisfaction be valued at?

Open since 2010

Hasn’t sold since 2020

But no restock limits and comes with 6-15k of inventory ready to sell.

He’s asking 50k… is that a good deal?

What do you mean by 6-15k of stock. Is this USD?. How can it be between 6 to 15k?. You info sounds ambiguous if not fishy. Reviews when he sold does nothing to say that you will continue to have it.

You would seriously need to do a lot of research about how to value an Amazon business, what are the pitfalls of buying and the process moving forward, and what is the value you are willing to pay. Then the legalities, the transfer and the process that should be seamless and orderly if you are located in the US. What happens with Amazon if you are not in the US once you agree to purchase. You need to get all the answers to your questions or search for a forum where people have bought and sold Amazon businesses.

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Is it 6k of stock? Or 15k? Why do they have all this stock but not sold anything for 3 years?

If the 50k price includes any inventory which will be shipped to the new owner, then it sounds like a good deal for someone with money to spend, looking for an investment.

An aged account like this with lots of feedback will be seen as reliable by Amazon. It is much better than starting a new account from scratch.

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Reviews on Amazon aren’t worth much. I’m a very small seller with zero reviews. Items sell very fast if they are priced right. I think most customers think they’re buying from Amazon not a third party seller.