A couple of newbie questions

When I’m registering I have an Amazon regular account under same email, can I use the same email for Amazon fba seller central? And seller app?

Also the big question, I am hearing things about having to sign up with a credit card not my banking debit card?

I have never owned a credit card in my entire life. What kind of credit card?

I would advice that u set up a new email for uaing to sign up to seller central. While not essential. It’s cleaner to have that separation from personal and business. There are countless credit cards available. I assume u are American in that case I’d suggest an Amex gold card. U can build rewards on it and u also get the added protection of using credit rather than ur own funds. This protects u when u get hit with fraud.


So, would I be denied if I just use my banking debit card? Someone told me I can use my bank card, though. Is that possible? I don’t use credit cards. Also, do I need a sales tax license? I read somewhere that Amazon FBA collects that. And if I form an LLC, do I have to have a DBA, because it seems like having a DBA creates county taxes?

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The state in which your LLC is registered, go to their state website and apply for a resale certificate. It also depends on which state you are conducting your FBA. For example, in Florida, there is no taxation if your LLC is Florida-based.

When purchasing products from brands or distributors, you should use the company LLC card they provide you because sometimes Amazon verifies that the company indeed purchased these products from authentic distributors and uses a wise account.


Debit cards are fine. I am using a debit card as well.