A bit confused here regarding my product listing (4 variations) without a price appearing in the lower part?

Hello everyone!

What should I do in this case for the price to show?

I hope someone can guide! :pray:t2:

Thank you!

You have to add price for each variation but not the parent ASIN. The purpose of parent ASIN is just to keep the variations in one list.

Hi @Ashish

  • Parent listing: The parent listing is a non-buyable entity used to relate child products, which is why there is no option for price.

  • Child products: The products that are related to each parent listing. Each child varies in some way, for example, by size, color, etc.

  • Variation theme: The relationship between the parent and the child. The variation theme defines how related products differ from each other.

The article Variation relationships overview explains all this in detail.