480 units received out of 1000


I sent in 1000 units to Amazon and it arrived on Saturday and it only says they found or scanned in 480 so far how many days will it take for this to say 1000?

Why are only 36 Prime eligible?

I’m nervous lol

If your tracking shows delivered and accepted you should be fine with that. It takes a while for all the stuff to be processed at the many locations, especially this time of year.

Your real threat to worry about will be when the customer rips you off and amazon hands them the money and a possibly a free item at YOUR expense. Not to mention all those mystery fees that accrue, the PPC marketing you will have to do so you can sell and more.


Thank you, the unit count appears to be updating and going up. Do you know how long it can take?

How come?

It could take more than a month as well. Nothing to be nervous. It is a part of the process.

The processing time can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the size and complexity of your shipment, the time of year, and the current workload at the fulfillment center where your shipment is being processed.

However, based on the information you have provided, it is reasonable to estimate that it could take an additional 4 days for Amazon to scan in all 1000 units.
This is because Amazon has already scanned in 480 units in 2 days, which means that it is scanning in units at a rate of approximately 240 units per day :smile:

If it is a PL then don’t underestimate your infographics and get the highly engaging images and work on your ads. You could setup automatic campaign for next fifteen days with the daily budget of five dollars, and besides this start few manual campaigns by targeting your immediate competitors. It is going to help you a lot.

Lastly, if you’re brand registered seller, get some really good A+ visuals and CGI video for your brand.


If there are any differences between what you have sent in the shipment and what is received you have the option to Reconcile your shipment, This will open a formal investigation into the missing units.

There is usually a delay from the time your shipment closes until you can submit your. Reconcile request.

The Article Reconcile your shipment discusses the process, and allows you to Enter Shipment ID to check if your shipment is eligible for investigation.

Selling Partner Support does not have further guidance.


That is how so many activist buyers get stuff for free, they generate drama that is used for nefarious purposes.

They layout the drama, make false claims, look over the feedbacks for information to seed their “drama”. So to shut up the activist buyer amazon just gives them your item for FREE. It works very well for activist buyers, not so well for sellers. Guess what, you are still out all the fees, amazon and ebay DO NOT refund your fees.

None, like yourself are aware of how bad sellers are ripped off. If your stuff is over $40 USD it would be better to recall it and sell it at a fleamarket, sell the cheap stuff on the online market places.


I agree with advice from @FunkyMonkey, @skeeter and @masud530.

In addition, usually, when you send in a large FBA shipment, Amazon will make at least a small quantity of units available for purchase by buyers. This is why are you seeing 36 units available for Prime. The remaining ones are still getting processed.


Thank you everyone for the help :smiling_face::pray:

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You’re welcome, and best wishes…

Check your shipment it will give you an idea of when they expect to have checked them all in and when they expect to close the shipment. It can take anything from a week to a month or maybe longer due to being in Q 4 and depending on which FC you have sent it to.