4 ads in one group only show one ad, how to get more impression for others?

Hi, I have four ads(A B C D) in one group in the same campaign, they are very similar prodducts. A gets the most impressions, it is always on the first page when I search use the keywords most costomer use, now I also want to show B C D with the same keyword on the first page, how can I do?
In addition, The CR and CTR of B C D are also good, they just lack impression.
Look forward to your reply! thanks.

you can optimize their bids and budgets. By increasing the bids, you can improve their ad rank and increase the chances of appearing on the first page. Additionally, allocate more budget to the campaign to ensure there are sufficient funds for increased impressions. Monitoring and refining these adjustments will help you achieve your goal of showing B, C, and D on the first page.


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