2 New Products - Same Ad Campaign?

Hi There,

We have just added two new lines to our listings. These new products are the same products as our existing lines but come in different colours and packaging and aimed at different end users. This has now got us thinking on how best to launch and drive early traffic and sales. Do we launch two separate ad campaigns for these new lines (keywords will be broadly similar) or put the two new products under the same campaign? We can see the pros and cons for doing either. Any advice appreciated. Thanks

The best approach for launching your new product lines with different colors and packaging depends on your specific marketing goals and budget. Here are the pros and cons of each option:

  1. Separate Ad Campaigns: Pros:
  • Targeted Marketing: You can create highly specific ad campaigns tailored to each new product line’s unique features and intended audience.
  • Budget Control: Managing separate campaigns allows you to allocate budgets independently for each product line.
  • Performance Insights: You can track the performance of each product line individually, helping you understand which one resonates better with customers.Cons:
  • Management Complexity: Running multiple campaigns requires more effort to monitor and optimize each one separately.
  • Keyword Overlap: There might be some overlap in keywords used for each campaign, which could potentially lead to increased competition and costs.
  1. Same Campaign for Both New Products: Pros:
  • Simplified Management: Running both new product lines in the same campaign can streamline campaign management.
  • Keyword Efficiency: If the products share many relevant keywords, this approach can ensure you bid effectively on those keywords.Cons:
  • Less Targeted: Combining products might make your ad less specific to certain audiences or features.
  • Budget Allocation: Allocating budgets between the two new product lines may be less flexible.

Ultimately, consider your advertising goals, budget constraints, and the uniqueness of each new product line. If the products have distinct target audiences or characteristics, separate campaigns might be more beneficial for precise targeting and performance analysis.