1 Error The SKU for this product can't be found

Hello everyone!

Trying to list a product on Amazon and getting this error came up.

1 Error The SKU for this product can’t be found.

Can anyone help on how to correct this issue? This is for a existing listing and I am ungated.

I have the correct ASIN, that’s how I pulled the product up to list on the seller account. When I get to the prep page it gives me that error when I put list to FBA

Thank you in advance

Talk to Amazon support team and they will give you the solution. I also faced this problem but it is fixed now

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Thank you @usmanyousaf112, I asked the support team.

My solution to this error.

I added a product that already exists. I opted to add this listing to other marketplaces out of the USA. Then proceeded to “List as FBA and send to Amazon.” In the “Send to Amazon” page is where the error showed up.

After failing in finding a solution, I recognized that the product listing did not exist in other marketplaces like it does in the USA. So I reattempted to add the same product but this time only opted for listing in the USA marketplace and that solved my issue.

This is a very specific issue but I hope this helps someone.