Your account does not qualify

Hi there,

Today, some of the products from my inventory have become unavailable for sale. Some of them I have been selling for several years and they are in perfect health.

Now, I can’t even submit a request to sell these products again due to the message ‘Your account does not qualify’.

I am confused and don’t know what to do.

Have you faced anything like this? How were you able to resolve it?

This has been known to happen even in unrelated categories such as Books. When this happens to me, I simply restart my computer. And I mean reboot it. Sometimes reconnecting clears the problem.

I know it’s frustrating but Amazon is never going to acknowledge that this is a problem. It’s been happening for years now and unfortunately it’s something that we all just have to live with.or


I agree with @O.L.D.Books, you can try again later.

However, if this is a newly introduced restriction by Amazon, then you will be unable to get the product reactivated. They are now very vigorously gating and restricting sellers from entire categories or brands without explanation or option to appeal.

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