Would you enter this listing to sell?

Hello friends.

There is a product from the USA. It caught my attention. There are 5 sellers on the product, including the brand owner. The owner of the list is also among the sellers. I found this same product in China. How should we interpret this product? 4 more months of product. Amazon Vine members have comments on the product. I said the owner of the list and according to Keepa, the seller did not receive any buy boxes.

How do you think I should interpret this product? Can it be entered?

Bro never source the product from china.Their invoices are not acceptable and it may lead you to your account restriction.

As @usman65 says, never source a branded product from china… Because Amazon doesn’t accept the invoice if it’s from Ali baba or Ali express.

This appears to be a private label product which may be trademarked by the brand owner.

There are a lot of things you can sell where you will be profitable … don’t stress yourself over products that will ruin your account.