Would you do FBA on this listing?

Hello Everyone!

I am currently sourcing products and I came across a product that has no FBA sellers and its got 18 FBM sellers.

Is this a good opportunity for me to be the single FBA seller?

Thank you

Yes, it might work as many people search prime offers only or need stuff quickly. But do check the Amazon fulfilment fees as the price difference between FBA and FBM may be huge if the item is light but bulky.

Remember that you get charged by actual weight or volumetric weight, whichever is greater.

This could be the reason why all offers are FBM.


Sounds like a great product opportunity. You are more likely to get the BuyBox even with a higher price. But I would start with only a few units to try out.


Not a good option. You can’t compete with FBM sellers. They will drop their price and you will have no chance to get the buybox


Also, in addition to the all the good information. If its a brand that will go after unauthorized sellers you will have a problem. amazon will keep all of your goods if that is the case. Doing FBM they will just take down the listing and you still have your product/money.

Must be something you are not seeing with that one, 18 FBM and no FBA is very odd.


The product contains batteries so could it be the case that there are restrictions which prevent it from being shipped into FBA?

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Maybe, kinda doubt it. Laptops and phones have lithium batteries so that might not be the reason. If it looks good just a order a few and try it out, you might get lucky.

Sometimes, you will really get lucky and find products that have lots of FBM sellers but no FBA offers.

The reasons can vary. There are products that may attract restrictions at some point and sellers apparently don’t want to risk having their inventory stuck in a suppressed status.

When doing FBM, all you do is to delete the listing.

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