Will Amazon tell me to send more inventory to their warehouse?

I just sent my first shipment to Amazon fba…I sent in 40 units and now Amazon is distributing the products throughout their warehouses…how do I know when I should send in more units?

Amazon will send you a recommended number of units to restock. Just make sure you leave yourself enough time to replenish your product before running out of inventory.


Amazon will tell you in a inventory section but in my experience its not exact. You have to analyze by yourself that how your product is selling, how many seller jump into your listing while your inventory on the way to Amazon, how much stock they carry and many other things.


You can track sales and inventory in both Seller Central and the Amazon seller phone app. In particular, you’ll see replenish recommendations on the phone app, at the bottom of the inventory page (recommended replenish date and quantity). I look at their suggestions and I also consider my recent experience with how much and how fast the product is selling (sales volume, sales velocity).


That’s up to you amazon won’t tell you. Track your sales and when you think your close to running out send more in.

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So are you saying Amazon will email me at some point before I run out of stock with their suggested quantities?

Thank you