Why would there be a product that appears to be the same, with 2 UPCs?

I just purchased a new product to sell on Amazon. After making the purchase, I noticed there are 2 listings for what appears to be the same product.

Both listings have the exact same images. The product descriptions are exactly the same. The only difference I can see between the 2, is the UPC codes. Again, both listings have the same images, one image is showing the UPC.

One listing’s UPC in the listing data matches the image UPC. The other listing’s UPC does not match the image.

Both listings have been around for more than 1000 days. They have a similar number of sellers. There’s a slight difference in pricing.

One listing has slightly better average margins than the other. I would like to sell on this one. However, I don’t know which UPC my order will have. I assume I’ll have to go with the listing that matches my UPC?

One seller is offering same listing because its called copy listing, they are offering one listing FBM and another same listing with FBA. Thats why its showing slightly price difference between both, UPC register listing with FBA and without UPC might be doing FBM.

Yes, that is correct.

The one with the incorrect UPC code was created by an Amazon seller in violation of the Policies for adding detail pages.


Use the one with the UPC your product matches.

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