Why is my PPC campaign not showing my items when I search the keyword?

I am selling a product through FBA.

I have launched a PPC campaign like I have done with previous products.

I have manually selected keywords and put my bid way higher than the recommended but when I search up the keywords my product is not shown on the first 20 pages at all.

I am getting very low impressions and clicks.

When I set the campaign to automatic my spend was very high but I was still not seeing my item when I searched any relative keywords. I also had only 1 sale with a huge aCos %.

I was wondering why this might be.

recommended amount can increase your chances of ad visibility, it doesn’t guarantee top placement. The competitiveness of the keywords, combined with other factors like relevancy and quality score, influences the placement of your ads. If other sellers are bidding more aggressively or have optimized their campaigns better, it can impact your ad’s visibility.

If you had high spend and low visibility with automatic targeting, it may indicate that your campaign’s budget is not being effectively allocated to the most relevant keywords. Automatic campaigns use Amazon’s algorithm to determine which keywords to target, but it doesn’t always result in optimal performance. Consider refining your campaign by shifting the budget towards manual targeting and focusing on specific, high-performing keywords.