Why hasn’t the Sponsored Products team responded to me after 5 days!?

I have set up a sponsored product campaign, but in the status column it reads ‘payment failure’.

The sponsored products team have been unavailable to call for the last week. I first emailed them on Tuesday, then again on Thursday, then again Friday. I called the customer services team three times on Friday, then again Saturday and then again today. Each time I was told a member of the sponsored product team would call me within a couple of hours.

What is going on!? As sellers Amazon expects us to get back to customers within 24 hours.

I’ve now been waiting nearly a week for a response!

We eventually got a resolution after 8 days, I never actually heard from the Sponsored Products Team, they didn’t even contact me to tell me the issue had been fixed, I had to figure it out for myself. By that point we’d already missed the key weekend to sell our Christmas Tree Stands, it’s hard to calculate how much we lost in sales during that period, I can safely assume the figure is in the thousands though.

It seems tweeting them using hash tags like #complaint and #PoorCustomerService was the only way to get them to take action. Emailing and phoning is a waste of time.