Why can’t I find my sponsored product anywhere?


I’ve listed my first product and it’s now active in Amazon. It shows up, on average, between pages 7 and 14. With no reviews yet and without any visibility, of course nobody is buying it.

To sell something, I created a new advertising campaign. I’ve selected “automatic targeting”, set a daily budget of 10 pounds and 0.42 pounds per click. In my seller account, I have the information that the campaign is running.

However, when I’m browsing in Amazon.co.uk like if I was a costumer, I can’t find my sponsored product anywhere. Can someone tell me what the problem is? What am I doing wrong? What can I do so that costumers can see my product in the first pages?

I’m sure many of you had issues like this when you first started, so I would really appreciate a little help, please.

Thank you!

These campaigns only run if you have the Buy Box - and new sellers don’t qualify for that until after 90 days