Where do you calculate Amazon fees for a potential new listing?

Hello everyone,

finally got approved to sell on Amazon after months challenges. Got my product and supplier ready to go for my first product.

Any idea on amazon seller fees and what’s the best way get started ?

When it comes to Amazon seller fees, there are a few things to keep in mind. You’ll have to pay referral fees, which are a percentage of the item’s price, and there may be other fees like fulfillment fees if you use Amazon’s FBA service. To get started, make sure you understand Amazon’s fee structure by checking out their Seller Central website. It’s also a good idea to set competitive prices for your products and optimize your listings to attract customers. Good luck with your first product, and I’m here if you have any more questions!


Do your best and go and analyze the niche again, ROI if it’s not good enough Don’t go with the product cuz you will do the same as many new sellers do and then they think Amazon is the problem.


Before buying from your supplier, use the Amazon Revenue Calculator. Just search ‘Amazon Revenue Calculator’ on Google, sign in to Seller Central, enter your product’s ASIN and supplier cost. It’ll show your fees and profit. Then, create your listing and make the purchase.

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Thx for the reply