Where can you see the best selling product ranking on Amazon?


what is the best website to see top seller products for Amazon?

I know a trademark paralegal so I’ll register my brand with USPTO usually this is the higher cost for beginners.

However I’m missing the products and wanted to focus on the more demand. Any advise will be highly appreciated it.

I was thinking of investing $300 in products to start + $250 for uspto + $40 FBA membership as my budget is $600.



You can go with Helium 10 or JS to get more information about top sellers.

It seems like you are willing to launch a PL product. If yes then let me clear up the confusion that $600 is too low to launch a PL product

if you are not going to launch the PL product then the above statement is not for you.


Helium 10 would be the best option. There are lots of YouTube videos explaining how to use and what filters to select. As @Muhammad has mentioned, that’s too low of a budget for PL. Maybe like at the very least you can start with 2k min but you’ll find yourself constrained with even that.

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How much do you think I need for a PL?

I have launched tons of PL products with many brands, and in almost all categories. So as per my experience, you may need at least $5-7K to launch a PL product. Keep in mind I am talking about Launching and not making the product live.


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