Where can I check which products requires Poly bagging or not?


I’m trying to find out if the product I’m shipping to Amazon FBA required poly bagging or not.

Also, the “made in China” label must be on the outer box ? My product has a sliding case and the Made in China sticker was put in the inner box , would that be fine ? Or I need to tell the factory to place the sticker on the outermost case?

Thank you in advance

When creating a shipment plan Amazon will let you know whether the product requires poly bags.

Amazon requires poly bags to be at least 1.5 mils thick, transparent, and have a suffocation warning label if the bag opening is larger than 5 inches. If any part of the product is not inside packaging, it must be poly bagged. If you can touch any part of the product, it needs to be put into a poly bag.

Regarding the “Made in China” label, it is required by Amazon that all products have a “Made in China” label on the outermost packaging . However, if your product has a sliding case and the “Made in China” sticker was put in the inner box, it might not be a problem. You can contact Amazon Seller Support to confirm this.


I have never placed any labels about the country of origin, I didn’t know this was necessary.

To check which products require poly bagging for shipping to Amazon FBA, you can refer to Amazon’s official packaging and prep requirements. They provide guidelines for different product categories, and it’s essential to follow them to avoid any issues.

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