What is your approach to finding a wholesaler when you find a good product?


Let’s say you’ve come across the product ‘B002KDTGVE’ and want to find the wholesaler. What steps would you take?

Personally, I would search for “Heliocare wholesale UK” on Google and check the Heliocare website to see if there are any distributor details.

However, I am curious to know if there are other approaches or methods to do this.


You can ask the brand for the list of distributors.

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Search on Google using keywords like brand or product name + wholesaler/distributor/login to see price + area. Then check the Google Maps location and the website. Also, use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and others to check the authenticity of the distributor. First, verify the live commercial address for the warehouse and physical store, check reviews on Google, and see if they are present on social media.

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Google brand plus wholesale distributor or brand plus distributor. Google UPC.

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I email the brand and ask for their distributors and use google to find distributors/wholesalers who are selling this brand.

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Heliocare is selling in usa and many Pakistani are sourcing from and china and they are taking prices down.

Thanks but I used Heliocare as an example.

How do you conclude if those distributors (Found from Google) are selling the authentic products and in case if you need invoicings to prove your supply chain documents how you are gonna tackle this?