What is an average conversion rate for clicks?

I feel like I am spending way too much money on advertising!

I recently calculated that my clicks to sales conversion rate is between 4% - 13% depending on the product.

As far as I can extrapolate, that means people like my pictures and are interested in my product, but then after reading the details they move on and don’t purchase.

I guess there could be a number of problems ie. my sales pitch/number of reviews;stars.

But I’d just like to know how bad is my conversion rate compared to other people’s to give me some idea of how much I need to improve?

Any advice on how to improve this rate would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Prod 1 : 688 clicks = 94 sales = 13% conversion.
Prod 2 : 715 clicks = 43 sales = 6% conversion.
Prod 3 : 326 clicks = 27 sales = 8% conversion.
Prod 4 : 329 clicks = 19 sales = 4% conversion.

Your conversion rates of 4% to 13% are not uncommon in the e-commerce industry and can vary depending on the product and market.

To give you some perspective:

  • A 4% conversion rate is relatively common for certain products and markets. It means that out of every 100 clicks, you’re getting 4 sales.
  • A 13% conversion rate is quite good, indicating that out of every 100 clicks, you’re getting 13 sales.

Keep in mind that conversion rates can vary widely across different product categories and industries.

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