What can I do to expedite and make my listing Active?


I have a serious issue. I shipped my inventory to Amazon warehouse in December end and until now my listing is not active and even after reaching out multiple times the customer service asks me to wait. I sent 120 units in total and they confirmed 60 units as received. Opened a case and submitted evidences but no response and ETA of completion.

Please help.

Nothing. This is very common.

Not all units are received at the same time. Constantly bugging Amazon Seller Support about your shipment is not in your best interest. They told you to wait, which is the proper course to follow. You can find the current status of your shipment through the shipment summary.

Track your shipments: Shipping queue and shipment summary

If your shipment is still Receiving: Amazon has started scanning your shipment ID labels. Units are usually available for sale as soon as they are received. However, because units may be sent to other fulfillment centers closer to customers, it can take up to 18 days for received units to be available for immediate shipping.

The date that your shipment becomes eligible for investigation will be shown after all your boxes have been checked in. On or after this date, if there is any issue with your shipment, it will be eligible for investigation through the Reconcile your shipment tool.

Until you get to that point, you have no alternative but to wait.


What’s your business model: wholesale or PL? Was the inventory you sent a single product SKU or multiple? Go to the shipment plan and check if they mentioned any reasons. If it seems like your remaining units are lost at the Amazon warehouse, check the listing. If it says ‘researching,’ then you have to wait until their set limit days have passed. After that, Amazon will automatically reimburse you.

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Thank you both. Very helpful

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