What are the resources I should check as a new FBA seller?


Looking to enter the Amazon FBA journey

Is there anyone that has a list of things to do before getting started: like compliance, product barcodes, etc.

There are tons of Amazon help pages but I just don’t know where to begin.

Thank You!

I does not really matter, its not like amazon and ebay turn into a pot gold. Both sites are zero value unless you are having fun doing it as a hobby, then maybe do your home work.

You can play by the book and be one of the top 1% of the sellers with high seller metrics and they will still crap on you.

The biggest threat initially when starting out will be other sellers and activist buyers. New sellers ==== FREE STUFF. Activists will bully you into a free item because you are scared and afraid to lose your precious amazon account.

After a while you begin to realize that you are working for nothing and amazon is making all the money and has too much control over your business.

Don’t start out selling expensive stuff, you will get ripped off, fact.

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This :pray:

I just can’t understand all those people who setup a Seller Account on Amazon only to sell let’s say $3000 memory cards and similar PC components, which are obviously magnet to scammers. They are literally asking for someone to buy and swap for their broken part.

$50 initial inventory purchase price is the ceiling for me…. and I have been selling on Amazon for 10 years.

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