'we have concluded that the brand/user has engaged in abusive conduct as per our policy'

I have applied for brand registry, been rejected recently and then appealed, and rejected again, also my bullet points have disappeared on my 9 listings, so trying to move forward with Amazon has made things worse.

Reading between the lines from ‘seller central’ my bullets points have disappeared due to the brand application. Our product is only sold by us/produced especially for us.

I have re opened the case and asked for more of an explanation.

Any help most welcome, Thanks

From Amazon Brand Registry:

We are writing to inform you that your appeal request Case ID: for Brand… for BR Enrollment Application has been declined.

Why is this happening?

As a part of the appeal process, a detailed investigation was conducted based on the (i) information available in our internal systems, and (ii) information and documents provided by you.

After carefully reviewing the information and documents, we have concluded that the brand/user has engaged in abusive conduct as per our policy.

Will there be a change in the decision now or anytime in the future?

Our decision is final at this point in time. Any new appeal request may be declined by the Brand Registry Team.

However, if at any point in the future our system identifies that your account is no longer abusive, then we will establish communication with you to resume the enrollment application process/add the user to the brand.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

You don’t actually own the brand though no? Assume the brand owner would need to register on brand registry and give you the rights, that maybe why it was rejected the first time

My bullet points disappeared for about three weeks. They are back now.

We own the brand

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did they tell you why they disappeared ?