VAT registered question

Help, my last bit of applying for Amazon payments is wanting my VAT number. I don’t have one as I’m not VAT registered.
I have never been and am I right or wrong that I don’t need to be as my income was only about £10,000 last year, tax to be deducted by the way.
Everyday I face a different problem when applying for an account. I wouldn’t mind but I have been selling on Amazon for two years in July and already entered all that info before. Ok I know it’s a different thing as I want to use Amazon payments for my own website, but not sure that they asked for VAT info before.

When submitting the information ensure that you do not have the tick box next to +I accept and acknowledge all the conditions set out in the VAT Agreement+ checked as this means that you are VAT registered and will be asked to provide your VAT number.

I am unable to advise if you should be VAT registered. I would recommend you check with a tax adviser or with the revenue directly.