User permission on managing advertisements

Hi, I tried to contact the Seller Support but didn’t get a good answer.

So I created another user-id for my g-mail address to test the functionality I was about to give my
I gave myself the permission to manage ad campaigns and load search term reports.
For some reason, there are inventory management possibilities too. I guess because of the advertisement campaign permission.

The Seller Support told me that the user can’t change prices. I tried and was able to change prices of any products.

I wanted to know if they really went thru and I raised my price from 12.99 to 599 and amazon accepted this.
I also received an price alarm because of this huge movement in price. So it really want thru!

Is it really so that the one who manages ads have to have a possibility to alter prices?

Thank you for your help in advance. :slight_smile:

PS.I re-opened the case with seller support, but i haven’t received any answers to my questions, that’s why
I’m asking here.

Generally, the ability to change prices is not directly tied to managing ad campaigns. Pricing changes are typically managed through the Inventory or Pricing settings in your Amazon seller account. It’s important to review your account settings and permissions to ensure that the appropriate access levels are assigned to each user.