Updates to Partnered Carrier program shipping services

Announcement reposted from Amazon USA:

If you use Amazon partnered carriers to send FBA shipments, you’ll now experience the following improvements when sending to Amazon:

  • Warehouse hours and special instructions

You can now enter your warehouse’s operating hours and select special pickup equipment requirements when you enter your ship-from address.

  • Enhanced pickup dates

You can now view the latest shipment pickup date information when you ship less-than-truckload, full-truckload, and intermodal shipments.

Pickup date information now includes shipment updates that result from disruptions or delays. When your shipment pickup is delayed, you’ll see an updated pickup date in your Shipping Queue and on the shipment’s summary page.

  • New partnered carrier guide

This new PDF guide (English only) provides detailed information and expectations when you create and send a shipment with an Amazon partnered carrier.

To learn more, go to Amazon Partnered Carrier program.