Update to Prime eligibility criteria starting on June 21, 2023

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

On June 21, 2023 our Prime eligibility criteria will be updated for all sellers in our Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, and Belgium stores following the agreement reached with the European Commission.

Our Prime eligibility and Prime badge criteria will be applied equally to offers from all sellers across the various fulfilment channels (Fulfilled by Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled) and Amazon retail are based on indicators of the experience that customers expect from Amazon Prime. For an offer to be Prime-eligible, it needs to (1) be available nationwide, (2) offer free shipping, and (3) offer free returns for Prime members (with limited exceptions on product weight and cross-border shipments).

To be eligible for Prime, you must meet the below requirements on an ongoing basis at a product tier level. For details on the product tiers and their respective thresholds, go to Seller Prime Programs.

  • Delivery promise: Prime offers must meet delivery promise targets based on product tier and inventory location type. Go to Seller Prime Programs for delivery promise targets.
  • On-time delivery: Prime orders must be delivered on or before the promise made to the customer. You must meet a minimum of 90% on-time delivery rate.
  • Tracking: Valid carrier tracking information must be provided when you confirm shipment of Prime orders. You must meet a minimum Tracking/Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) of 99%.
  • Cancellation rate: The rate of Prime order cancellations initiated by you before fulfillment must be less than or equal to 0.5%.

A Prime eligible offer will be displayed on the Amazon store with our Prime badge when it meets certain delivery speed thresholds. The delivery speed threshold is calculated at the store level dynamically (every hour) based on the fastest 90% promises on customer views on Prime eligible offer subject to guardrail thresholds. Please refer to Seller Prime Programs for details.

You can use any logistics provider (carrier) for your Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders; we no longer require sellers to use Buy Shipping services to purchase shipping labels. All offers enrolled in Prime will benefit from Amazon’s high-quality customer service support which will be provided at no additional cost.

To learn more about our Prime eligibility requirements applicable as of June 21, go to Seller Prime Programs.

For more information on Amazon’s agreement with European Commission, go to About Amazon, Europa.eu, and https://ec.europa.eu/competition/antitrust/cases1/202252/AT_40462_8825091_8265_4.pdf.