Unexpected Inventory Received by FBA

Hello everyone,

I am doing FBA wholesale.

I sent an inventory to amazon with 53 units of 5 different SKUs. All these units were packed in two boxes. One of the SKU had 12 units in total with 4 units in box 1 and 8 units in box 2. Box 1 was received by FBA a couple of days ago and the 4 units of this specific SKU were received no problem and they have been sold and delivered to customers as well. The box 2 was received today, rest of the SKUs received without an issue and they are showing available. But the remaining 8 units of this specific SKU are showing as “Unexpected Inventory” in shipment tracking. Amazon has suggested a different ASIN and probably wants me to list these units against this ASIN. But the product under this suggested ASIN is not exact same as mine.

Can anyone please tell me what should I do to get 8 of these units being available under the original/actual listing? I opened a case with amazon and they say I need to wait till 6th June before they can do something about it. I am a small seller and I can’t afford for my listing to remain out of stock for another two weeks. Is there a way to speed things up?


  1. I have purchased all the units from same supplier and same lot. I get them delivered to my house first then I pack them myself, put shipment labels on the boxes myself and then sent to amazon using UPS.
  2. Previously I sent 48 units of the same SKU to amazon, I had done “Me Too” with same ASIN and they were received by amazon without an issue and were all sold out.


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Hi, Haley,

It takes awhile for FBA shipments to be received, unpacked, counted, and FC transferred, etc. That usually takes some time. You won’t able to request an investigation into your shipment until you reach the reconcile date.

Reconcile your shipment


Thank you for the info, I am going to wait till the end of the month and hopefully all will be sorted :slight_smile:


You’re welcome.

All in all, it’s been sucessful for us. I wish the same for you.