Two-factor authentication will be required for Seller Central sign in

Announcement reposted from Amazon Europe:

Starting as early as March 28, 2024, you’ll be required to verify your identity using a mobile number or authenticator app when you sign in to Seller Central. This keeps your account safe from fraudulent access attempts.

If you don’t already have a mobile number or authenticator app set up for two-step verification when you sign in, you’ll be prompted through a registration process to add a mobile device. If you prefer to not receive a one-time password over SMS every time you sign in, you can go to “Login Settings” to register an authenticator app for two-step verification.

An authenticator app is recommended for accounts with several users and can help when you’re without cell service.

For more information about authenticator apps and for two-step verification troubleshooting, go to the following help pages:

Two-step verification frequently asked questions

Two-Step Verification

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