Thinking about placing a combined order from a supplier

Guys, my friend and I want to make a combined order from a distributor with high MOQ.

Obviously one of our banks accounts (my friend or myself) will be used for payments.

Can this create any problems for us in the future in case we face a Section 3?

Guidance needed ty.

If your distributor is willing to split the order and issue 2 invoices, one for your business and one for your friend’s, then it won’t be a problem.

If not, that problem does exist and one day, it may come to bite you.


Definitely potential problems. Even from accounting perspective unless you then cross charge.

Ask if they can provide two payment links for you separately or pay separately and ask for separate invoices.


I did this before and we got invoiced separately and paid from our own bank accounts but of course you need to speak with the supplier and see if they agree with this.


Some distributors won’t mind splitting invoices and payments. However, a potential problem would be to ship them to a single address, having the packages with one company’s labels.

The question is if you want to play 100% safe or willing to accept some level of risk.


How would that be a problem? Please explain. If you’re talking about tracking or proof of delivery, I don’t think company name appears on those documents.

I wonder if these requests will be entertained as these are big distributors and I am a relatively new seller with budgets of $5-10k per month.

Sometimes Amazon asks for inventory pictures when they arrive in your warehouse, so the names do appear on the packages. Also, tracking numbers reveal your shipping address, which could be different from your friend’s shipping address unless you both use the same prep center/warehouse.

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Thanks mate much appreciated