Tearing my hair out

Getting frustrated day by day, it’s so hard getting registered for Amazon payments. I keep submitting the only info I have and then a day later I get an email saying the info has been refused and need to submit VAT certificate or Class 2 N.I bill or a letter confirming registration off the Inland revenue.

The only thing showing my N.I is my P60 but then it shows the employers name and address where the figures are not my details. I don’t work there anymore as I gave the job up in Dec 2014.
It does show my name and national insurance number.
I am tax registered for my business and pay tax through the online system once a year. I don’t have a letter as such from the tax office only a welcome letter for registering to do it online. Maybe I had one once but for now can’t find it.
I don’t know how I can complete my application.
May as well just use my alternative methods as they don’t need as much info.

The best thing to do is to try and get the necessary information.
Once you have obtained the letter from the Revenue you can upload it through the document section in your Account Info page and the verification team will review it.