Suspected IP Policy Violation - Help

Hello all, wonder if any one has any advice. We have received 7 suspected IP violations (one product, 7 size variants of said product). Upon inspection the Brand is incorrectly set up on the products, I do not know if this was done upon creation or if someone has amended this.

I spoke to someone regarding removing the violations and they said I needed to fix the listing with the correct brand before I can appeal the violations and have them removed. As the listings have been flagged, Amazon have removed the content from them. When I try to edit them I cannot save them amendments. When I go through seller support and fill in the form for them to do it I get a message saying it cannot be done as the listing is inactive.

I have messaged seller support but, as you can imagine, I have been given the run around, asking me to follow the steps I have already done, or that I need to set up a new ASIN if the brand is different, failing to understand I need to fix these listings to remove the violation.

Does any one have any experience with this and what steps to take to get it resolved? I feel a perpetual cycle of getting no where with seller support for 180 days before they drop off.

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints.

These are triggered by bots but still need to be addressed to prevent account deactivation.

You will need to edit the product titles to remove any third party trademarked brand names which do not match with the product’s actual brand entered in the “Brand” field.

Also, the other action would be placing the brand name from the title into the “Brand” field to ensure that it matches with the one entered in the title.

Feel free to watch my informative video regarding the matter: How to deal with Suspected Intellectual Property Infringement Complaints on Amazon by Kika Angelic - YouTube

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Thank you Kika, this makes sense

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