Suspected intellectual property violations…

So we sell auto parts….it’s not unusual for us to get a random suspected intellectual property violation every so often for a part. Obviously, there are 2 different types of violations that can show up here….trademarked name suspected violations and trademarked logo suspected violations. The logo ones are stupid because these come from us taking a picture of our part on a car and the car’s emblem just happens to be in the picture. Like…maybe we have a pic of a taillight on a car and it’s showing the trunk emblem on the car we are using.

We are brand registered with our own brand and only sell items made by us so they normally are pretty easy to take care of because we have full edit rights for the listing (I know a lot of people run into issues with these simply due to the fact that they don’t have edit rights on the listing they are flagged for and can’t change things with that existing listing).

The trademarked logo ones are a little harder only because you actually have to deal with the people at seller support to get these listings reinstated even after you change the pics. The problem is (as is usually the problem with anything you contact seller support about) that it normally takes 5-6 emails for seller support to even comprehend why I am emailing them. However, it always get sorted and the listing reinstated and it automatically comes off the account dashboard a few hours after.

Our issue is Amazon must have started something new in the last month or two where now they aren’t removing the listing right away so as not to “have a large impact on your business”. This is directly from the email they send now for these. What they do instead is give you 2 days to fix the issue before they remove the listing.

We got one of these yesterday under this format for the first time. I removed the images that were causing this and emailed seller support. The issue is they have no clue what to do now because, again, the listing has been active the whole time. They don’t see any issues. However this suspected violation is still on my dashboard with a due date of tomorrow and I don’t really know whats going to happen tomorrow with that given there doesn’t seem to be anything to “reinstate”.

Anyone know how they are handling these now?


Your guess is just as good as mine.

If you get shut down that would be bad, what do you do???

Only thing for certain its all about amazon, you don’t know the hidden agenda they have. You might just be chasing your tail trying to fix it. If you are 100% for fact sure you are not violating anything you should be safe. Not sure why a photo change was needed, that seems a little off.

Did you use a photo from some other company or was it your own?


Ok it’s gone from our dashboard now luckily….after more emails with Seller Support or whatever department even deals with that.

It’s just ridiculous to even have to go back and forth with these people so many times about something so simple.

No, it was our own photo! It’s absolutely ridiculous but I’ve come to realize these are all bots and I just fix the listing and try to make as little noise as possible (AKA don’t poke the bear)……hence why I don’t even like to go back and forth with seller support in the first place.

The suspected IP violations are an absolute joke in the first place……


Hello @Packerbacker,

thank you for joining the forum! I agree with you that these Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints are totally annoying. This is because they are entirely automated and generated out of any usage of third party brands or logos that are present in your listings but not in the Brand field.

I am selling collectibles which typically include collaborations between multiple different brands, TMs and manufacturers. All of them are getting deactivated.

Personally, I just delete them as I don’t have the patience to deal with Seller Support over it. But if you are fine with opening cases, then this is the only way.

In case you are concerned about defects, Suspected Intellectual Property Rights Infringement Complaints will disappear from your metrics after 1-2 days of you either deleting the listings or successfully appealing them.