Super confused! Created best keywords campaign and now impressions and sales down!


So I have been selling on Amazon since mid-2018. One of my products has done really well partly due to bidding aggressively on PPC. I recently wanted to optimize my campaigns so I created a new one with the best keywords from my other campaign and set the budget and bids higher for that. Then I turned off those same keywords in the old campaign but left it running at a lower budget with some other keywords.

I did that on Monday and since then my impressions and sales have been down. The new campaign is getting some impressions and sales at a good ACOS but not the level the same words at a lesser bid got in the old campaign. And my ad isn’t showing up in the spot it has held for the last few months for my main keyword. Is this something to do with it being a new campaign? I even got paranoid and turned back on the same keywords in the old campaign but it doesn’t seem to have helped. I am super confused. I was trying to improve my PPC and now I seem to have cacked it up somehow.

Anyone know what might be happening?


Its happens every now and then with our campaigns as well. I am not sure if there is any Amazon Ads tool where you can switch back and forth among changes you have done. God to know from others here if you are using some tool.

I do most campaign management manually and have seen same thing happening. But from last year or so I have been using this method:

  1. If a campaign is profitable and doing well, keep using it. Don’t remove keywords which are working well for you. As I think once your campaign is running for long enough and giving you results in sales, Amazon will rank your Ads highers for better converting keywords in this campaign and your ad cost will lower. Instead optimize same campaign by adding Negative keywords and lowering bids for keywords which are not profitable.
  2. Its still worth a try to create a copy of original campaign and bidding slightly higher for better converting keywords.

Is anyone using any software tool to do above or similar things and can recommend anything.

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I have had the same issue ran a campaign from that moved my best converting keywords to a separate group and they perform worse than when in the previous. Im guessing but I think it takes time for everything to adjust give it a few weeks and see what is happening. But Im with you its confusing for sure.

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Just a thought but have you checked you weren’t adjusting the bids based on position? The new feature they launched a month or so ago. Also worth checking that the products you’re advertising are showing as eligible in sponsored products.