Suggestions for a new seller

Hello everyone! Newbie here and I made a rookie decision of opening my Amazon Seller store and listing two generic items. I’ve had about 20 sales since May. I know I could be selling more if I were brand registered…(maybe)?

My products are a 4-pack 3-compartment lunch box, and a set of bike lights (headlight and tail light).

I’m here to ask two things:

  1. Other than PPC, is there another way to advertise my products like posting them (maybe in groups, marketplaces or other platforms you know of)?

  2. My items didn’t have brand in them when I sent them to Amazon. Can I still use them after I apply for Brand Registry?

Thanks in advance!

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Other platforms will not allow you to post amazon listing or share listing ,The only reliable method is to run PPC campaigns,I know there ll be spend you ll get the wasteful click but at the end your products ll rank ,You may negate the wasteful keywords ,lower down Acos and get into profit phase then there ll be no means to post like this 🙂

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Yes, you can still use your items after you apply for Brand Registry even if they didn’t have a brand name when you sent them to Amazon.