Sponsored Products - really poor sales, if any!

Hey Guys,

I’m really struggling to get purchases via Amazon Sponsored product and was wondering what other peoples Average (ACOS - Average cost of sales) is? On some of mine they are over 200%

It seams really strange as they are popular products, professional images and thought out bullet points.

Granted I’ve only had them running a few days. Does any one notice an improvement the longer you leave it running.

As an example: Please see attached.

This has been going for 3 days, 52 clicks, 19,000 impressions and NIL sales? Seems so bad.

Campaign details.
Only £10 per day
Auto Keywords (Was told this was best to start with - then choose specific keywords after looking at a report performance)
£0.75 for clicks

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


75p for clicks?
Is that a very competitive area?

When you go into campaign, into keywords, what sort of level is it suggesting for page 1? That’s what you should be aiming for or even slightly above. Some words are more expensive than others in which case if too pricey I price below that level. Rather not pay over the odds for a word only slightly of use.

10% ACOS or under is good to aim for, great when its 0.1% but not often get that good a return. Under 5% is where you should be planning.

Check every single keyword - if its too high drop the rate. If its getting clicks but no or not enough sales then pause or delete that keyword. Advertising should be making you money not costing you more than the profit margin.

To be honest if 52 clicks and no sales I’d be questioning the relevance of that keyword to that advertising campaign. Some words are broad brush and competition is bigger than more narrow field words that may have tens or hundreds bidding rather than tens of thousands.

Try different words and word groups. You can also use the blacklist words to block certain words.
This time of year you can experiment - get close to black Friday and the cost of advertising shoots up per click but by then you will know for certain what words to use.

Edit - sorry, missed out that it was automatic.
Change the 75p level down to perhaps 15p. Then let run for a few more days to get at least a week of data before going manual. The system should be able to produce a report of words and their view rate.

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