Sponsored products-Inactive SKU?

I am trying sponsored products for the first time and the listing i am trying to sponsor is already active on amazon and has great reviews.Amazon say the SKU is inactive,what does that mean? any ideas? where would i get one from? my products are my own so i generate my own UPC for each item. the item in question is B00PG3LBOS

thank you

You have 2 sku’s on the listing for the same product(Amazon policy violation if they are the same),if the sku you have used for the sponsored add is the one that does not have the buy box then it will show inactive. Sponsered ads only show to buyers if the item has the buy box.

I have seen this before because the EAN i entered was not belong to our brand name. After checking and contacting the seller support, I found that the Amazon system recognized another brand name as our brand name. So the SKU don’t belong to our brand and can’t sponsor the SKU.